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An afterthought

A comment I made while happily debating on line:

My concern is that the fix doesn't hurt anyone. To remove "under god" doesn't blaspheme god, doesn't mean religious people are less devout. And it makes the statement of indivisibility more believable for people who can't say, "Under God"

Yes, you have a right not to say the pledge.

Where is the national unity in saying, "You don't want to play my way, go home" ?

Other person: Where is the Unity in starting it in the first place...
like I said why cant they just leave it alone... It hasnt been a problem this long... why now.

Me: Now? Now people aren't afraid to speak up. People aren't afraid that they'll loose their jobs, or their children as easily as they did 50 years ago.You don't remember the effects of McCarthyism. I only barely do. Some still live with the scars.

50 years ago, people lost their children if they were Gay. People lost their jobs if they were Jewish. People today have their houses burned if they are black, Doctors are killed because they commit an abortion. Why now, because people begin to no longer fear what they believe in. We as a people are growing up, like any other entity.

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