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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

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Andrei in the office

So how to spend your Free Friday?

So... Friday is that Friday.

In general, I think I'm going to avoid any kind of Retail outlet as best I can.

And I think you should too.

In celebration of the upcoming Wallet Subjugation month... we're doing videos.

We showed an episode of Doctor Who a few weeks back and I think it's time we do that again. There will also be possibly a showing of Sweeney Todd (as it's been requested)

Who knows... we might even pull out the (Gumball) poker set.

So... Interested?
Drop a line.
Drop a comment.
Drop your pan Oh wait that's NYE

Great things are afoot.

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(Deleted comment)
We're removing ivy from our soon to be compost area. I think your day sounds more fun.

We avoid the shopping frenzy by taking a short trip to Long Beach, WA. Walking on the beach, flying a kite and watching the ocean has much more appeal than standing in lines for hours to even get a parking space...

Angela Lansbury's Mrs. Lovett is the best!

LOVETT: "Now then, this might be a little bit stringy,
but then of course it's... fiddle player!"

TODD: "No, this isn't fiddle player -- it's piccolo player!"

LOVETT: "'Ow can you tell?"

TODD: "It's piping hot!"

LOVETT: "Then blow on it first!"

What time would you be showing stuff?

Isn't today "buy nothing day" ?

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