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Advertising hatred: I may stop using my debit card

If you haven't seen the tv ad campaign recently there is one I have absolutely grown to despise.

There is a shopping environment of (campaign various) kinds. Everything is moving happily like clock work. Everyone happily.. nay dotingly swiping their Visa card.

Then it happens. Horrors. OH MY GOD! someone uses

(dum duh daaaaaaaaa) Cash!!!!

Everything comes to a stop. Smiling cashier units become disdanefully unhappy as they slowly have to count change. Peer pressure, everyone's happy Camazotzian pattern has been disrupted.

The horrible pariah of society (typically dressed in clashing clothes) skulks off while the machine clicks back into sync.

I mean.... does this image terrify anyone else?

Last time I looked... and then again just now-

Every piece of American Currency bears the following words:
This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private

And despite it having a serial number... it's basically untraceable and untrackable.

But what gets me is this pressure that in the perfect world... we all use visa and everyone just shops non stop in a rhythmic, utopian clockwork.

It presses just about every button I have and makes me want to switch entirely to cash.
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