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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

I am from Pittsburgh... I live in Seattle

The Seahawks are in Cleveland.

Today I am a big, BIG Seahawks fan.

Um... go blue?

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I went to the Miami Dolphins in Seattle game some years ago, and as the Gods are my witness, there were only TEN Dolphins fans at Qwest Field! I was asked, while wearing my Dan Marino jersey, if I'd lost a bet...

Cities that are 3700 miles apart and only play once every four years do not make for a blazingly bitter rivalry... but Steelers/Browns?


(Don't talk to me about how much the Bills need to suck evermore though... grin)

The Steelers came to San Diego...

I went as a Steelers fan to see them play in San Diego while I was living there. I wore a Jersey and wondered if this was a good idea.

San Diego was 1 and 14 at that point. The game I atteneded was the only sold out game of the year.
75+% of the stadium was in Steelers colours.

3700 miles and the visiting team fans were outnumbering the locals.

Being a Steeler fan can be fun :)

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