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Andrei in the office


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only more of it., Like My Zen 1

And I ask myself... why the hell am I up?

Please note that the title of this post is not, "why the hell am I still up?"

I got to bed a little before Midnight. I woke up and the clock said 4:35. I desperately tried to do the mental mathematics that explained that I'd been asleep an hour longer than I thought I had. But in truth.. I'd gotten about 5 hrs of sleep. This is less than usual... but not by much.

I've been sleeping fitfully of late. But it seemed like I might be able to get back to sleep. Nope. I was wide awake. Perhaps that hard cider before bed was not a good plan. Got dressed... meandered out to type a post. I figured it might be pithy.

The living room is beginning to almost take shape. Added some lamps today. There is no unnatural light in the room which is awesome by day (kinda) but a killer in the evening. (Fortunately, we don't get much evening during this time of the year in this portion of the world)

I've run out of words. I'm awake but not really. Maybe I can bore myself back to sleep.