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The end of my google search

blackpaladin did a great job of summarizing the current Google Craze:
Do a Google search on ' is' and see what you come up with... 

So, partially, because I'd already done one for myself, and extended it....
partially because I was punchy from being a little sun sick from vacation...
partially because I'm a smart ass who tends not to leave a dead horse alone even after I've beaten it:

Google and Andrei's warped mind present:
"your first name is"

When your first name is Quality and your last name is Service, what more is there to say.
If your first name is larger than your family name, it suggests that you are proud of your own accomplishments.
Your first name is only one part of your analysis.
Your first name is probably the greatest gift you willever be given!
Your first name is Stanley. *
Your first name is usually chosen by your parents when you are born.
If your first name is in the upper left corner of this paper, give yourself 100 points.**
If your first name is "Kevin","Jason","Mathew","Ronald","Tom" or "John", your login name is your first name plus the first digit of your student number.
...your first name is only $5 for the first year!

if the first letter of your first name is a you are in the correct site.
Your first Name is necessary and we would like for you to share at least the first letter of your last name in case there are other stories with the same first name.
Your first name is probably the strongest influence in your daily life. ***

* From Nerds Are Us by Blaine Homer. A very funny read.
** From one of my favourite intelligence tests. Give it a try.
*** Numerology, The Influence of your first name
Note: This one also leads to the root of the above page: Mystik.

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