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Health update

So the main push of crunch and moving have past.

Sure there are boxes all over the place. Sure, the garage is a wasteland of things that someone from Mission:Organization would condemn to the waste pile.

But that being said.. the bulk of the stress and pressure has passed.

Earlier in the week and last week the pressure was on because both aiden_freeman and jnanacandra were really sick.

Personally, I have no sick days left for the year. So, I'd been going on steam power explaining that I can not get sick again this year.

Well, today I am burning a vacation day because yesterday afternoon my body made it clear that I am not healthy.

Now I am sitting at home in that annoying state of bored on the couch unable to do anything. My stomach is queasy and my back is groaning at me. But if I sit long enough they quiet down.

Sadly, when I stand up, they snap back to attention and they call their friends dizziness and 'lack of energy'... Then I slump back on the couch and decide that I probably should watch another 2-3 hours of Mythbusters.

Yesterday was busy.
I started the morning running several large packing boxes filled with packing peanuts (s'foam and organic) to the local PostNet. They happily took them off our hands. Then, I did the exit walkthru in Sno'mish with the house agent. We discovered that Merry Maids of Everett did a HORRIBLE job cleaning the house. So I have to coordinate them back in. Also have to get ServiceMaster in to hit the carpets.

From there I went to the Bellevue Apple Store to drop off the powerbook. The Keyboard had been a little bit wonky ever since a Red Bull got dropped on it.

I drove back thru kirkland and dropped off the last of the packing boxes filled with newsprint at the regional recycling transfer center. Yay for paper dumping and box destruction.

I got home realizing there was no way I was getting back into the office in my deteriorating state. Logged in and marked the afternoon and Friday (today) off as sick days. mlerules had kidnapped the family into the woods behind the house for a nature walk. Then we looked at pictures she brought of her and ebony_sphynx

I got more and more miserable as the day went on. The highlight was the Apple store calling 3 hrs later to say the laptop was fixed with a new keyboard. They found the Red Bull spillage so the repair was not covered. But they waived the labour. Say what you will.. but I think they have awesome service.

And for those who've been IM'ing me the past week. I'd just like to type, "hy66yh/hy=66=yh/hy/yh=6hhyhyooyh6=h6/hyy" Because I can again.

Last night.. sleep? Sleep is for the healthy. (note: I spring up at the sound of the recyc truck to see that yes... many of our boxes just went away. I trudge back to the couch and think... Why the F*#K did I just do that?!?!)

Yeah.. sleep was a mess last night. The small of my back never got situated in any position that made it stop hurting. So I was up and down all night. But there was some sleep and some dream. This time it was getting lost in the Las Vegas Pier. (Yeah... go ahead and chew on that one for awhile)

Today as mentioned is sitting around with desires to do stuff around the house. But I am behaving. Partially because I know I won't get any healthier... and Partially because every-time I stand up to do something... I fall over.

I'm tempted to invite people over to be mildly and quietly social tomorrow, but most people are at ATC's H.S. event. And I may not be healthy still. :-(

I've got that hollow feeling in my stomach that feels partially like nausea and partially like hunger. And nothing seems to help it. Gads... I hate the creeping crud.
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