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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Never (ever) challenge an elf in the Kitchen

My department at work has an annual bake auction as a fund raiser.

Employees and their families bake goods which are then auctioned off.

I offered to elocinnuala the chance to have people bid on her creations.

Now, I don't want to go into details... but let's do the math.

Software engineers + fund raising + confections.

I got massively 'outbid' last year.

I found her this morning at 5am in the kitchen still awake from last night.

She went to town...

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I'd say she not only went to town, but she kept on going until she hit Bake City Capitol!

All that looks so DAMNED good!

She is amazing in the kitchen!

go elf !
go elf!
gooo elllfff!!!!

Wow. You know.. she texted me that she was going to be up baking.. I didn't realize she meant ALL NIGHT... just wow.

Okay she is definitely Amazzzzzing.

Tell her I said that. :D

Hugggs to ya all.

You should knw better than give her a culinary challenge! I hope she did get dome sleep the next day and that its all worth it though, its pretty awesome.

Miss ya'll. Kiss the boy for me! (I mean Aiden)

wow! That's some serious work!

Truly impressive! Please tell her hats off to her, from me. I am both wow'd and humbled.

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