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For the sake of arguement :)

And out of boredom:
isn't/is not

Andrei, isn't he a hottie???
Andrei isn't so lucky - he works for a 16-year-old who pays him 50 cents a day.
Andrei isn't Russian, Eastern European, or Central Asian. He isn't that Far Eastern either. Who is he?
Andrei is not a native English speaker (he is an expatriate Rumanian
Andrei is not planning to move from his native small city though he is getting many proposals from the USA, Greece, Germany, Turkey and other countries.
Andrei is not always an easy game to play, and part of the reason for this is that he is often only a peripheral character.
Andrei is not subscribed to the freehaven-dev list.
Andrei is not pleased to see Pierre.
ANDREI is not only our archbishop for Canada and Metropolitan of the North
Andrei is not so much a crosser of the ball, not so much a winger as a wide striker
Andrei is not playing, he has the type of personality that everyone likes,
Andrei is not paying attention yet to how his hometown has fallen apart during his six-year sentence or how he might find work when so many around him are

Andrei likes to be funny.
Andrei likes to cook very much, especialy for his friends.
Andrei likes to sing!
Andrei likes animals, but the family do not keep any pets.
Andrei likes Romania, and is now having a go at telling advertisers the good news about our guides.
Andrei likes to improvise while painting as he usually does when playing music.
Andrei likes playing in ensemble with other pianists, violinists and singers.
Andrei likes those first pictures of mine for the same reason.
Andrei likes the ball in front of him.
Andrei likes to be photographed !

Andrei won't be able to compete before JULY because of injury.
Andrei won't be able to start in Toronto and Cincinatti, maybe he has to withdraw from Indianapolis and the US Open.
Andrei, won't you giddyap yourself and the poppet over here a moment?
Andrei won't be in any master death index, American, Romanian, or otherwise.
Andrei won't know about it! Shhhh!

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