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Heed my Will

A reminder: Call for Moving help this weekend

This weekend is our big push.

The boxing has been incredibly reduced to friends in Clan Sidhefire (THANK YOU sidhefire for the truck, and also to mlerules and delerium3) as well as some massive help from the ATC (Blessings to darkzelda98011 and moon_goat) as well as L (who's LJ I do not know).

We are starting at about 9:30ish Saturday and Sunday.
Saturday we are working until about 6ish. Dinnering and off to D's annual.

Sunday we will have the U-Haul for anything that is left (we're really hoping that we actually won't need it... but better safe than sorry.)

Sunday we're working from 9:30ish... until we're done. (Which I hope will be 7 ish... as there is a celebration in the box laden house planned.

The original post is at:

And the poll can be found there andhere...

Poll #1071919 We are looking for moving help

What days can you help out (check even if maybe)

Weds Day
Weds Eve
Thurs Day
Thurs Eve
Sat Day
Sun Day
Sun Eve

I can bring along X people not on the poll

I can bring a:

Pickup truck
Something bigger
Um.. me... no vehicle

I'm good for:

Light lifting
Heavy lifting
No, really I mean Heavy: Washer/Dryer/Bed
Baby Wrangling
(im)moral support
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Wish I could help...but I'm STILL in PGH so no go...hope it goes well!!!

Um, muchly appreciated...

... but who is this?

Re: Um, muchly appreciated...

Sorry...Christine Mohler, Drew's wife??? :) 11 years and still happily married...oh and from Drew - 'Dar he IS!!!' LOL!

K and I are planning to lend a hand tomorrow. We can grab a 4x8 trailer on the way and pull it with our truck if you think it will help.

Lordandrei, Chris and I are ready to help. We just need your Snohomish house address. We have never been there so we might get lost. Will check back later.

(Screened comment)

Re: Old house location

Previous comment made invisible

Re: Old house location

We have the address's thanks we will see you soon.

(Screened comment)

Re: Old house location

Previous comment made invisible

Re: Old house location

I dropped two comments which you should have received via email (if you get comments mailed) or if you are logged in to the account that made the comment.

If that didn't work (I made the personal info invisible)

Make an anonymous comment with a cell phone number and I'll call you with the info as soon as I get it.

We'll only be able to help on Saturday, but we'll bust major ass :)

You and your lovely housemates are more than welcome. Maybe one day there will be an Andrei-friendly version of the cake of doom, who knows...
Best of luck for the hopefully last part of hauling stuff before the real fun starts!

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