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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Moving Week. Some Detail: And a poll!

EDIT: Yes, food other nights too.

Also see and discuss the event on Facebook

Some of this is for my record.. but mostly for getting help online.

Monday: Installed Garage Door Opener, Smoke Detectors, Called Uhaul, (Glass fixed)
Tuesday: Try to do work
Wednesday: Big Packing day
Thursday: Big packing day:

Morning: Cherry Picker and Piano Movers extract Piano from 2nd floor.

  • Piano Installed
  • DirecTV Installed
  • Phone/Fiber Internet Installed
  • Install motion sensor light

Saturday: Need bodies, Need Trucks, Need vehicles. Move what we can until 7pm
Hopefully the beds.

Sunday: Will have a uhaul truck. Need bodies! Move what we can until 7pm. Move As much that is left. Furniture not moved Saturday is the utmost importance.

Sunday night, pizza, beer, poker, football... Burly, Manly, moving celebration.

Well food every night... but celebratory food Sunday.

So... Here's what I need to know:

(If you're not on LJ, please leave information in comment field including who you are. It will be invisible after you write it until I make it visible)

Poll #1071919 We are looking for moving help

What days can you help out (check even if maybe)

Weds Day
Weds Eve
Thurs Day
Thurs Eve
Sat Day
Sun Day
Sun Eve

I can bring along X people not on the poll

I can bring a:

Pickup truck
Something bigger
Um.. me... no vehicle

I'm good for:

Light lifting
Heavy lifting
No, really I mean Heavy: Washer/Dryer/Bed
Baby Wrangling
(im)moral support

Additional comments can be added below
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Not sure whether I'm also supposed to name myself or if'n the poll picks up identities. Anyway, I'll be 'round on Wednesday (approx Noon - 5pm) and Thursday (approx 10:30am - 5pm) during the day for boxing, moving, wrangling, (im)moral support, whatever's needed.

I will be there on Sunday. I will definitely bring my car (and have it cleaned out so that I can haul stuff!) I might be able to arrange to have the minivan with several seats removed.

I can give a ride to people who don't have transport.

You didn't list it as an option, but I can help with cleaning tasks too (at either place.)


That will primarily be next week once we've got everything out.

Sunday night, pizza, beer, poker, football
What, we only get pizza if we show up on Sunday night? ;-)

I'll be there when I can, but Saturday night is the Big Party (as you well know) and Sunday night, I go to prison (again.)

We had intended to come up on Saturday but we could come up Sunday instead; since we're in Tacoma, one round trip north per weekend is our limit. So my question is, which day are you most in need? I'm toward the 'light lifting / boxing' end of the spectrum while my consort is at the 'No, really I mean Heavy' end with a SUV. Which day would we be of greatest use?

I'd suggest Saturday. I'm less of the heavy items.. And if we can obviate a need for the Truck Sunday.. I'm really okay with that.

We'll be there Saturday - see you then! :o)

I hope that I can get out of school Thursday at 10.30 am and then I can help packing things. But I need to be rather stationary as I am recovering from a rolled ankle.

The weekend is a perhaps, and the SUV is a small one. Oh, and I don't know where you live so will need directions as well. As for the heavy lifting, heavy-ish. I'm having issues, I'll just have to try and see what I can do.

OK, I can come tomorrow and Thursday, I'll call ya before I head out.

(Deleted comment)
Wednesday after noon would be great. I am taking weds and thurs off. I figure the more on hand the more we can get ready and moving before the weekend.

OK, Wed I'll be hitching a ride with Sherry, and Thursday I'll come invade on my own. See ya!

(Deleted comment)
Works for me :)

Make sure you're on the poll (you should be able to change answers if needed)

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