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I am such an old f*#t

I am not a coffee drinker. I don't like the smell or the taste. (I am however told, that the latter does not necessarily cause the former)

This being said... I missed the entire $tarbuck$ revolution. I am being edumacated slowly by a very, VERY patient elocinnuala. Yesterday, I learned what a 20 oz Americana with split shots is.

But, still, there are certain games I just can't play. I like the idea of:
Small, Medium, and Large. I'm even okay with going beyond large and small.
Granted.. if you have an even number of sizes... drop the medium.

But... things like "Venti"... No, I just have a problem using arbitrary language to sound fashionable. I didn't use "Moi", I didn't get into Le Car...

Descriptive adjectives shouldn't be turned into marketing terms.

After dealing with one truly Perky barista who told me that 20oz was Venti, this morning.. I sat in the car. I said to jnanacandra

No, Venti isn't a size. Venti is what moves the air-y through the house-y.

Which is amusing and ironic concerning one of the last pearls or writing I read last night. (Yes, I'm reading a book, try not to faint)

Quoth YT in SnowCrash: (Book, Text)
"It's like, if you -- people of a certain age -- would make some effort to just stay in touch with sort of basic, modern-day events, then your kids wouldn't have to take these drastic measures."

Why, yes.. I am trying to post more often and substantially.
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