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MEMTIME: I'll see your 20 and raise you 10

So, everyone (vixenesque93 -- 1_wolfsong -- others) have been doing the where were you X years ago meme.

I looked at 20 years ago and realized, "#&@*! I'm already out of High School"

So I took it back to 30.

I also tried to put myself in the mindset of where I was.

So... Sherman.. set the WABAC Machine...
30 years ago: 10/10/1977 (9)
I am in the third grade in elementary school. Our teacher is named Mrs. Sloan. It has been Mrs. Sloan for two years since she and Mrs Roberts switched grades thus year. I liked Mrs Sawyer better in 1st grade. I'm an A student... well, except for hand writing. My friends are Patrick, Kristy, and Cathy. (Edit 20091021Mrs. Roberts was first grade)

25 years ago: 10/10/1982 (14)
I am in the tenth grade. I've opted to leave the school's gifted program because the gifted program consists of gifted English and that is about it. I learned how to do macrame and made a disaster of Home Ec. I like my high school. I am taking trgonometry at the Sr. High School in the mornings. I ride back to the 9th/10th High school with a girl named Ellen. I like her. She doesn't like me.

20 years ago: 10/10/1987 (19)
I am playing Jacob Jerome in the college varsity production of Brighton Beach Memoirs. I am concurrently suffering from Mononucleosis as well as Viral Tonsilitis. I am running about 102º on average this week. I have missed classes all week. But I have not missed any rehearsals as we open next week. It's a really good think I didn't invest in any stocks this week.

15 years ago: 10/10/1992 (24)
I have just returned from the works 8 1/2 months of my life living in Baton Rouge, LA. I couldn't find a job that wasn't temp work, I couldn't get accepted by the local theatre troupe. In general I was a Yankee in the wrong place. I am a college dropout and have no degree but excellent experience and knowledge in theatre and computers, with a little bit of professional radio experience. The new airport opened in Pittsburgh. Shrug

10 years ago: 10/10/1997 (29)
I am the Senior Macintosh Architect for the University of Pittsburgh. I have come up with an innovative way to make the Macintosh a multi user system that authenticates from our communities Unix system. Even my counterparts at prestigious Carnegie Mellon University are amazed and implementing some of my ideas.

5 years ago: 10/10/2002 (34)
I live in Los Angeles in "the Valley." Unbeknownst to me I am dating a professional vicitim who feels personally attacked whenever I use LiveJournal. Regardless if I talk about her, me, or post a link i've found. She's suggested I leave the SCA. Most of the people I interact with are through the local OTO. Which is Okay. I just feel like I'm losing myself. Oh, I wear fake hair.

4 years ago: 10/10/2003 (35)
I have just started at Earthlink. I was layed off 5 months ago from my second company in 3 years. I got the lead from my old manager who was up for the same job. The job seems promising. I have recently proposed to Heather after being with her only a few months. But it feels right. And I am happy. I post alot about my political analysis.

3 years ago: 10/10/2004 (36)
I have just shipped the first major software that I designed. I wrote a NewsReader. I've been travelling to different Earthlink sites presenting on the concepts of Content Syndication. I think that I may have great potential with this company in the long run. Marriage is awesome. This past week I finally took the step I've been working towards for nearly 15 years. My name legally changed.

2 years ago: 10/10/2005 (37)
It has been 6 months since I walked off the job at Earthlink. Thanks to some unexpected funds we are now living about an hour north of Seattle. I've made some contact with the local OTO and will be doing mass in a few weeks. I have an interview coming up with Microsoft. It's a Product Manager position. Not my forte.. but it looks sort of interesting.

Around 1 year ago: 9/3/2006 (38)

'Nuff said

6 months ago: 4/10/2007
My family took me out last week for sushi for my birthday. They surprised me by surreptitiously inviting my girlfriend Cristin along as well. I like surprises with my birthday. I'm settling in at Microsoft. Working as a Mac developer. (Yay Macs)... The work is sort of akin to drinking from the firehose. Norwescon this weekend to scope the con for Heather for next year.

1 month ago: 9/10/2007
Aiden is a year old. He can walk, pick things up, get onto things. It's crazy. He can turn pages. I've tripled the amount of pictures in my photo library. We inflicted the zoo and cake on him. Work is reallllly busy. hopefully at some time I will be able to edit the footage together. I love work.. It is intense. Everyone in the house is getting stir crazy. We're looking into buying. It's making me very stressed because home prices are too high and credit expectations are unreaonable.

Last weekend: 10/6/2007
We signed a lease on a beautiful 5 bedroom house with a mostly furnished basesment. The bedrooms aren't carpeted... but who can get everything. Looks like we're renting for a few more years while the crashing bubble erodes a bit. It's going to be a long month while crunching at work for a software release of Office 2008 for Mac in January as well as moving in the off hours.

Tonight: 10/10/2007 (39)
I've knocked down two Excel bugs in two days. They are in one of the new features. I'm finding my way around the code much more easily. I'm really enjoying the work. I'm nursing Heather after a less than fun morning of breaking and entering in the new house when the door locked her out. Moving is ramping up.. but still slow. Hopefully more people will jump on the bandwagon as we go. (HINT HINT) Also very happy because I did a fund raiser poker tournament last night. 51 players. I came in 6th. And that was after coming to the final table short stacked and QUADRUPLING up on a hand to become the chip leader.
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