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Putting out the call: Moving

As you may have read in jnanacandra's journal. We are moving.

We are actually coming in closer to Redmond.

So we are looking for people who are willing to help us with the move.

The BIG move weekend is targeted for the 20th/21st. (Yes, we're aware that D's Biiiig Halloween shindig is that weekend and we're planning on going)

Pizza, Drinks, and alcoholic variations for later in the day are offered throughout.

Now... we're actually moving thru the entire month. So.. if you're not free that weekend, but have an evening or afternoon available during the week. That works too!!!

Trucks, vans, arms, cars... anything to help us chip away at the mountain. Even if it's just to drop by and box.

Comment here or Email either or both of us for more info... Or to volunteer.

(You can email us at lordandrei or shimmeringjemmy {at} Livejournal {dot} com )

Thank you!
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