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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Putting out the call: Moving

As you may have read in jnanacandra's journal. We are moving.

We are actually coming in closer to Redmond.

So we are looking for people who are willing to help us with the move.

The BIG move weekend is targeted for the 20th/21st. (Yes, we're aware that D's Biiiig Halloween shindig is that weekend and we're planning on going)

Pizza, Drinks, and alcoholic variations for later in the day are offered throughout.

Now... we're actually moving thru the entire month. So.. if you're not free that weekend, but have an evening or afternoon available during the week. That works too!!!

Trucks, vans, arms, cars... anything to help us chip away at the mountain. Even if it's just to drop by and box.

Comment here or Email either or both of us for more info... Or to volunteer.

(You can email us at lordandrei or shimmeringjemmy {at} Livejournal {dot} com )

Thank you!

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Our au pair arrives on 10/19 so things are a little crazy 'til then getting ready. But during that following week I can plan to come by for an afternoon during a "test flight" of the au pair. :)

Let me know what day will work for you guys that week. I can help w/the last of the moving or help clean up the old place or help unpack at the new place.

We pretty much just need warm bodies and support :)

Every bit is appreciated

We've got it on our calendar!

Glad to have you guys on.

im in. and i can pull a 5 by eight uhaul trailor. (you can actually fit more in a covered trailor)

We haven't decided yet. But the trailer may be added on for the big stuff

I'm already busy the weekend of the 20th, but I could come up on the Wed. before that (the 17th) with the Truck with the sides on it and move a load or two of boxes over?..

Any help is wonderfully appreciated

Sorry missed this comment because my LJ auto filters journal I don't recognize, and moving, and long hours at work.

We're just slow on response all around this month.

Any time and help would be awesome

Oops.. this is Sidhefire.. I'm signed in on my other LJ in the middle of uploading photos from the weekend...

If our Google calendar is correct, we're available on the 20th and could come up and help all day. :o)

Looks like our calendar is open for the 20th.

Every bit of help is more than appreciated

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