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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

And while coding my brain out... a reflection

A regular update. My life is utterly consumed with working on the upcoming release of Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac.

The team was asked recently to reflect on the "Think Different" campaign that ran 10 years ago at the "Rebirth" of Apple. At that time I was working in Education. I was one of three Mac folk on a team of 11. I was the lone Mac developer. I was continually derided by my team members for clinging to a 'dying' OS.

The Think Different commercial was very special to me. So, I was pleased when I got the chance to comment on it.

Over at Mac Mojo (the Office for Mac Team Blog) is the posting made from selected comments from across the team about the campaign and the different Geniuses chosen for the poster campaign. See if you can tell if one of my comments made the cut and if so, bonus points if you can figure out which one came from me.

The comments on the MacMojo blog posting are comprised mostly of the FUD developers learn to ignore from people who thing that if we stop coding for 30 seconds we're intentionally depriving them of features and fixes. A few nice comments.

But in the meantime... back to coding. :)

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wow, that's awesome that you're working on that! Carry on. I am in full support of Cross-OS compatibility for word processing (although in an ideal world we would all use OpenOffice and it would all be free, etc etc.)

So I have a question: do you know why Access was never made for the Mac version of Office? We use an Access database here to catalog artifacts. I am not very well informed about these things, so maybe this is a dumb question but are you aware of a comparable app to Access for Mac (other than OpenOffice)?

I commented in the OTHER place.. but I'll say it again.. I think your comment was the one about Jim Henson.. ;-)

You didn't need to comment about me in that blog. That's just our group location.

I commented before I realized that it wasn't this journal. Whoops.. ;-P

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