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Stolen happily from fiannaharpar's post on June 25th

To explain: This is the result of a google search on "Andrei is" all in quotes. My favourites from the first 4 pages are on top, others are behind the cut.

Firstoff, my favourite international discovery:
"Andrei is..." a campground in Nederland

Andrei is a very ill little boy.
Andrei is entrusted with the letter to the Czar.
Andrei is not Jewish but the illegitimate son of the school teacher who wanted to hide his extra-marital affair
Andrei is an extremely brave person
if Andrei is released, he will hand over three officers.
Andrei, is a reclusive young photographer shadowed by the memory of his dead mother.
Andrei is a world-class expert in software development using C++.
Andrei is a well established Gastroenterologist in Longview, Texas
Andrei is still battling his weight problem and appeared to have gained weight since being drafted.
Andrei is 26 years old
Andrei is about to have a "dual faith" experience himself, and so are you if you let the movie have its way.
Andrei is a man of high emotion and high spirits -”a real live wire,” in the words of Jazz assistant coach Gordie Chiesa.
Andrei is in hiding from the court and investigation and could influence the course of the investigation.
Andrei is such a kind and good-natured boy.
Andrei is among the injured men.
Andrei is a hero of the Revolution whom Kavalerov envies and who represents the rising generation.
Andrei is elegant and socially polished, though proud and somewhat aloof and reserved;

Andrei is reluctant to undertake [Domenico's] incoherent request, but is intrigued by the fragmented messenger, and does not refuse him.
Andrei is often travelling.
Andrei is responsible for overviewing all strategic corporate decisions.
Andrei, is taken into federal custody.
Andrei is just 15 and we might just try to guess his true potential.
Andrei is banished to Siberia by the vengeful victor.
Andrei is a type of player who will not stand out with his individual feats but is an irreplaceable component that makes his partners look like super stars.
Andrei is interested in politics too.
Andrei Is Credited On The Following CDs. Miguel Mega "Coastline"
Andrei saves a young gay kid from queer-bashers, let the kid in his house, and all this just assures his wife that Andrei is gay.
Andrei is a senior at Don Bosco Preparatory School in Ramsey, New Jersey.
Andrei is an incredible talent, has all-around skills that allows him to make almost anything on the court: handle the ball, drive and finish, take the pull up jumper, take the three-pointer, post up his man.
Andrei is a big PHP contributor
Andrei is doing all his best for this aim reaching these days.
Andrei is a very nice and well-mannered dog and he needs to get a lot of attention and pets.
Andrei is also the MacCurdy Distinguished Professor of English at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge.
Andrei is 1 and 2 in the UFC.
Andrei is currently associated with the Berkeley Wireless Research Center.
Andrei is back in his hometown of Perm' and is currently looking for a new coach.
Andrei is in charge of handling new contracts, including making estimates and providing materials, as well as managing and training employees.
Andrei is not what he was on their first encounter, in July of 1963.
Andrei is waiting for a heart operation.
Andrei is the son of Dumitru and Olimpia Taut of Sterling Heights.
Andrei is currently associated with the Berkeley Wireless Research Center.
Andrei is author of "Metal detectors for treasures and relics hunting" book.
Andrei is our driver, who has been very patient and long-suffering over the past couple of weeks.

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