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Oh, I have to make a post.

In football betting early in the week there is a release of odds for the game.

Those odds may change as the week goes on depending on injuries, sudden team changes, etc.

Tonight is debut night. New TV.

We watched the debut of "How I Met Your Mother"
A good episode that rocked in the last two minutes with a simple web site.

Then we figured we'd try "Big Bang Theory"... I'd read a review or two and the reviews sounded like there was promise. This surprised me since it's from the people that brought us "Two and a half men". This is the show that makes us forget that Charlie Sheen at one time could do Funny.

After a few commercials I decided it might make it half a season.

Please note the show started at 8:30 and I'm posting at 8:40. That's right.
6 minutes. After 5 minutes I looked at jnanacandra and said, "4 episodes and it's gone"

After 6 we were tuned into NBC awaiting Heroes.

Now of course... I'm not a TV executive. I'm an idiot who would have kept "Farscape", "Wonderfalls", and "Firefly"... but then again... what do I know about what Geeks/Nerds are really like. This may yet become the linchpin of CBS's laugh-a-million Mondays.

But I really hope not.

I'm not even going to explain what was wrong with the show.. becuase I'd have to remember too much of it as there was absolutely nothing 'right' with it.

But then again.. I might just be sugar coating my reaction.

I'm not... But I figured.. i should let you give me the benefit of the doubt.

My bet is that BBT is off the "Eye" within 4 weeks.
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