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Andrei in the office


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New parenting milestones :-/

Aiden fell onto his butt today. this unto itself wouldn't be too bad. But he bit his tongue when he landed.

So today I got to deal with my first look at "Aiden Blood"

Needless to say.. not the milestone I was looking forward to ever seeing.


Boy is okay. He got ice cream from jnanacandra and elocinnuala... shook off the pain in minutes.

Daddy will shake off the trauma by 2014

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Methinks YOU could use a spoonful or three of ice cream, too.

Not will my inability to process milk ;)

SOY cream, then.

Oooh sadness!
He'll soon forget it, though. Babies are so small, so seemingly fragile, we tend to forget how they'll bounce back.

Wait til the first time he bumps his head or scrapes a knee or bites a lip.

That or just wait until some kid dares your kids that he can't do that and sure enough as a boy.. he does... and ends up in the ER. Boys will be boys.

Remember we didn't call my son Crash Monkey for no reason. He's earned every single bump on his head and boy he has some explaining to do if he ever has to have his head shaved or a phrenologist explore his head.

hey, you made it over a year without 'first blood'...I would consider that fortunate!

and I completley agree with the above. Crash earned his name. Wait for his first big road rash when he's speeding around on his bike.

*our* Crash that is, as opposed to Crash Monkey who is a different child with a similar history I trust.

Oh sorry hon. We have not experienced this particular one yet (not looking forward to it) but it seems that Micah is constantly hitting his head on one thing or another. The kid always has bruises on his head.
Not sure how I will react when he hits something and bleeds. Probably I'll be shaken for a few years too.

isn't it amazing how little kids bounce more than grownups?

you're doing well, my friend. And it gets better all the time.

Dr. Waterfaery prescribes that Daddy find his designated kiss-providers and get kisses for his owies, too. :)

There are several milestones that leave you reeling. Funny how the books focus on the happy milestones and don't really give much help with the not-so-fun ones.


(Deleted comment)
He's already done that. Oy.

And then there was the time when jnanacandra burned herself on the stove. About age 4, I think. I was a wreck.

I think I still remember that. Or at least I remember being told about doing that. And I still have the scar!

No lifelong phobia of stoves here, though, so I think I escaped okay ;)

I really love reading about your adventures as a father...

it makes me smile on days when the world I work in is far too dark and corrupt. Light exists, cradled in your arms. You are so blessed, Andre!

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