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Andrei in the office


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Just out of curiosity

Here is a picture someone took at Faerieworlds.

It's a really awesome picture... But I have to ask...

Did anyone else think, "Hmmn. NBC"

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First thing that popped into my mind, actually. :-)

(Deleted comment)
Maybe I was overcome by my occupation, but my first thought was that it was the MSN moth. I gotta get out more.

I first thought all the colours of the rainbow. Nothing else came to mind. When I read your comment about NBC, Microsoft came to mind, though.


Nope, nor M$. I think that means I escaped TV and M$ land. :)

The way my mind works, I immediately began thinking about how those wings were crafted, and how I could do the same, and what materials I'd need...

I thought it was interesting how the layers first went inward from red to yellow, then on top of the red: the green and blue started another set of outward/inward layers. Still trying to figure out if 100% of those curly bits are firmly attached or resting atop. Way to much detail for my eyes to even consider MSN/NBC...

Nope my first thought was... where is the gay pride parade...

Yeah I know.. sad.

I was thinking construction and whether all the colors were there in the right order, so I followed that around. Never thought NBC at all.

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