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Andrei in the office


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A message I received today

While packing for Mass today, aiden_freeman wandered over to my computer. He managed to open my word processing program and type on the keyboard.

He left me this message:

XZ m mz mz mzxn,enr,w¸A4n,c

Personally, I don't think he could have put that better.

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Next stop:

"Dad, I took the car. Back later. -A"

When I have more time than a stolen few minutes on-line - or you can just ask delerium3 when next you see her - I'll (or she'll) regale you w/the tale of prescribing pharmacist Fargo who has good taste in boots.

(Fargo = my male cat)

Aiden is a busy guy today, you might have left open your chat window to me because I recieved a text on my phone from the msn messenger text service from your account saying:

c l)pc p0bgn>?;l'

I am going to have to save that one.

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