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A facebook moment. This is just too true

My latest craze is Facebook.

It is probably one of the best "Social Networking" sites I've found to date.

And trust me.. this is something I've been researching since the dialup BBS days in 1979. (Yes, I'm hardcore)

Facebook has communities. I really needed to share this one.. because... well, it's just too damned true.

History: I was raised in both states of Pennsylvania. 15 years Eastern PA/ 15 years Western PA. I was NOT born in PA. I was raised by New Yorkers. So this rings very true on so many levels:

Community name: Dear Pennsylvania: Get the F*** Out of the Left Lane. Love, New Jersey

Community Description:
It's common knowledge that Pennsylvania produces the highest percentage of Left Lane Dicks out of all the states in the Union.

You know these people: there is absolutely no one in any of the lanes to their right, yet they insist on maintaining 55 mph in the left lane. As you nearly rear-end them at 85, you discover they are from Pennsylvania, throwing you further into a rage.

It's not uncommon for we New Jersey drivers to tailgate these people for miles on end, despite the fact that it would be easier to simply move over and go around their slow asses. However, we're from Jersey, and as always, we have a point to prove. We tailgate them, honk our horn, flash our high beams, and flip them off when we finally decide to go around.

So, Pennsylvania - Get the F*** out of the Left Lane.

Note: This is more about Eastern Pennsylvanians than Western (by experience)
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