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Andrei in the office


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****I**** am a dad!

I have just fed the boy. He downed almost an entire jar of baby food. This was really his first real feeding. He got into it after a few spoons. I mean realllly got into it.

He enjoyed the process and the food. (ZEUGMA!)

And once he figured out what was going on, he was eager. And NEAT!

The clean up was not hell afterwards.

Monday we will inflict THE CAKE!

It will be glorious.. And yes, tailerouge... there will be video.

Oh yes.


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Those are the best times. Watching them discover new things and go nuts over them. :)

I used to love feeding my boys when they were that age. That and rocking them to sleep were the great joys of early-fatherhood.

Cant see the boy quaffing food :(


Alex was always the black hole of food. Still is to a point. But I remember when he got to a full jar. Now he's almost eating adult sized meals....I'm glad he's got my Ex metabolism!

and CAKE!!

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