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Okay local social circle here it is... Events

There have been many requests for us to not be quite so insular with the baby creature. :)

So... there are three things coming up starting/happening in September.

1) Friday Night Poker and game nights. (We don't know when we're starting or how often)

2) Heroes' Marathon. The DVD's came in. This is simply one of the BEST shows evah.
We will be hosting a Season 1 marathon. Possibly a Heroes debut party. (We don't know when)

3) Thelema CIF-like classes will be happening again. Oh yes. We will be teaching ritual and other things.

So the questions for everyone is obviously... who is interested? When works?
Drop lines... enquiring minds!!!!

(oh, god... how many of you don't get the reference, "Enquiring minds".. Gah.. old now)
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