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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

It's too damned late, but...

I don't remember who I was discussing "Split Enz" with this past weekend.

With the Horizon Temple Dedication, OLO, ATC, and Mass I think I saw about 200 people.

Anyway.. I was discussing Split Enz with someone and the question of the group that Tim Finn was with before Split Enz came up.

Neither I nor the person I was talking to (who I also can't remember) could come up with it.

In case anyone remembers this conversation with me this weekend.

The group I was thinking of was called: Schnell Fenster:

Except they didn't pre-date Split Enz, they were the group that formed after Split Enz split up.

Who was talking to about this?
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Oh yeah, that would be me. (I'm dating myself.)

Don't sweat it. I have an album by Split Enz on laser-etched vinyl. Go me!

I have an ex-gf who introduced me to S.E. She wanted Tim Finn in a biiiiig way. After our relationship I adopted one of her passwords "Aoteoroa"

She had an amazing vinyl collection of their stuff. I distinctly remember the 3-5 copies of True Colours including the Laser Etched one.

Okay.. on the spot: Name 1 or more favourite Enz songs!

"History Never Repeats" (one of the first MTV videos), "I Got You"

I am a veritable font of useless trivia.

(Links go to videos on YouTube)

The others I really like from them are:
I Got You My personal favourite
Six Months on a Leaky Boat
I See Red which shows the original crazy theatrics.

I like History Never Repeats because the video is a retrospect to the old look of the band when they did a lot more with costumes and theatrics.

But for the absolute insanity of Split Enz Theatrics and Costumes, Check out: Sweet Dreams(1976)

Schnell Fenster - That's got to be a reference to Castle Wolfenstein
showing my age too ehhe

When I hear Tim Finn, I think Crowded House, but mebbe that's just me...

Tim was primarily Split Enz

When his younger brother, Neil became the front man for the band, it was the beginning of the end of the Enz.

Neil formed Crowded House and is the lead on "Don't Dream it's over"

Later on (about a 1/2 decade), Tim joined C.H.

Re: Tim was primarily Split Enz

Yeah, I'm thinking my awareness was perhaps when both Finns were in CH. Way back when, when WOMAD took place in San Francisco, a friend snagged backstage (press) passes and interviewed the band.

I went to WOMAD in Pittsburgh and CH was playing. Tim wasn't with the band at the time, but since they were 2nd stage... they were walking around the festival.

I actually got to meet Neil Finn. Nice guy.


Sweeeet! '93? About a week before the SF show?


I think it might have been '92. I remember Sinead O'Connor being there on stage with Gabriel and very much remember the Drummers of Burundi... Who I REALLY wish there was more of.

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