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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

It was the best of Tech it was the worst of Tech

Back at the office this morning at 5:30 am.

Happiness is the following response from my computer:

[andreif-quad:~] lordandr% uptime
5:58 up 57 days, 20:53, 2 users, load averages: 0.83 0.83 0.65
[andreif-quad:~] lordandr%


I think my PPC 6700 phone has finally given up. It is vibrating and trilling every 2 seconds like it's moved into transitional labour and I can not make it or the array of non-sensical errors go away.

I am not getting an iPhone, I am not getting an iPhone... must keep repeating this fact.

Ooh, only 145 work emails to go thru.

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(Deleted comment)

Does sprint have a phone upgrade system?

Or are we talking buying a new phone?

Mebbe your PPC 6700 will give birth to an iPhone so you won't have any choice in the matter.

I am not getting an iPhone, I am not getting an iPhone...

Good for you. I keep saying that iPhones are smartphones for people who are scared of computers. I don't know how locked in to Sprint you are, but if you switch to a GSM carrier I would buy the Nokia N95. It is the mack daddy of smart phones right now.

I should correct myself

I am not getting a Version 1 iPhone.

I will most likely get an iPhone... but it is dependent on covering a specific feature set that it doesn't at the moment.

Re: I should correct myself

Here is my list of things that the iPhone doesn't do that it should for what they are charging for the thing. Which of these are your hang-ups?

  • no 3G capability
  • no removable storage
  • no support for native 3rd party apps (without hacking it)
  • no replacable battery
  • no push mail from Exchange
  • carrier locked to AT&T (how did they do that on a GSM phone)
  • no over the air iTunes downloads

Some of these things are cimcumventable with hacks from DVD Jon and the like, but you shouldn't have to hack a $500 smartphone into doing what every other smartphone does out of the box. I get more functionality for less money on my Nokia N73. Anyway, I will stop ranting on your journal now.

I agree with glitch25 that if you are on sprint and want a full PPC phone, the Mogul is the way to go.

are you around? call me please. its raining steady and i dont know if you guys wanna walk in the rain or not

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