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Andrei in the office


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Hallloween00Conservative, Conservative

Question Meme, Answers...

From the question meme

Not too be toooo cryptic:

Other than XXX, who *else* are you XXXing in XXX?

Coming from anyone else the specifics of this question would make me nervous. But I'm getting better and able to deal better :)

I will be happy to answer this one directly to the person who asked it via IM. But probably won't give the specifics here.

Ooooh... Boy aren't people gonna wonder!

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I admit it, I'm wondering. :P

As hard as it may seem. The answer doesn't involve anyone subscribed to this journal. It doesn't involve anyone I interact with or have interacted with in over a decade :)

Re: I'll say this...

Yeah, still confusing. :P

I get it! It's like Mad Libs!

Other than Donald Rumsfeld, who *else* are you covering in oleo?


Other than Paris Hilton, who *else* are you feeding in limos?

Great game :-)

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