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My Boy's a F*#&in' Genius!

I got home. I got to watch Aiden play in the garden.

Afterwards we came inside for jnanacandra to demonstrate Aiden's ability to go down steps.

We have half staircases. In other-words, the stairs go halfway up to a landing and then turn 180 degree to go up the the next level.

So the going-up-gate now resides on the first step of the half leading to the top floor.

Aiden quickly climbed the steps...holding onto a toy He turned around and then came down them.

The first step was daunting. He came to the edge and looked like he was going to pitch right over. But then he plopped down at the edge and let his feet dangle until he could reach the next step. Then he stood up... plopped on the step he'd just landed on and repeated.

When he was two near the bottom he misjudged and pitched forward. I caught him in my lap. I gave him many hugs of congratulation.

Aiden seemed a bit put off my my affection. The manner could be best described as, "Come on dad, you're embarrassing me."

I put him down and he quickly climbed to the second step and came back down. This time with no problems.

And then I realized what he'd done.

It was as if he knew he'd blown the last two steps on the first trip and wanted to go back and do them right.

He could have climbed all the way back up. But he climbed to the point where he'd lost control, then came down and didn't show interest in immediately going back up.

This is a lot more cognative than I was expecting.
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