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What is your wild animal?

They ask questions on blogathon to keep us going.

What is your favourite wild animal?

Such a wondrous question... I have always adored the tiger.

He's regal, aloof, and will destroy anything that harms his family. And the female tiger is even more dangerous.


You can still sponsor me throughout the blogathon at:
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You can sponsor by the hour or a simple monetary donation.
Thanks to my sponsors so far. We've raised $451.93 for Planned Parenthood

Don't forget... Sponsors for $5 or more get a FireSeaStudios art card of their choosing.

I also recommend he following blogathon bloggers:
shadesong* is raising money for the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center
rhiannonstone* is raising money for San Francisco Sex Information

*I am a sponsor of this Blog for Blogathon
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