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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Doctor Who the new series

I commented separately...

I was such a Tom Baker fan that I resented Peter Davison. Granted I despised Colin Baker... But in retrospect it was the writing and directing.. not the acting.

But I have to admit I adore the new series.

First of all it is completely faithful to the original series. I know that there've been changes with the removal of Gallifrey and The rest of the Time Lords. (or... have they?)

But truth be told, they've learned from 20 years of television for writing. The characters have matured. The writing has matured.

The dynamic between the Doctor and His Companions is more realistic.I think that the episode of "School Reunion" really acted to answer questions that were left ambiguous in the old series.

I have to admit it. I like Eccelston's acting. But he is not among my favourite actors for the Doctor. As a friend from England pointed out, "He's not the Doctor.. He's a Thug"

There was always a built in love of humanity. The 9th Doctor tended to seem to ready to write off the race.

Tennant is marvelous. I loved the relationship he had with Rose. I think it humanizes him while still keeping his unearthly appeal. Tennant is wild and chaotic while still being massively focussed.

I am certain that I love the new series because as much as I don't want to see Tennant leave the series.. I am confident that the team engineering this show will find another actor who will be just as amazing.

So far my only complaint is that they killed Anthony Stewart Head after only one episode.

Just a note for people commenting. I have only seen the Series thru what has aired in the US on Sci-Fi Channel. I do not want any spoilers.

So. Just to end with a list... And I welcome you to do the same:

My order of preference:

1. David Tennant
2. Tom Baker
3. Sylvester McCoy
4. Christopher Eccleston
5. Jon Pertwee
5 1/2 (Special)
6. Paul McGann (Yeah, I know)
7. Peter Davison
8. Colin Baker

I've left Hartnell and Troughton off because I've honestly not seen enough of their episodes to make a fair evaluation.

As for 5 1/2... I have to admit. I adored Rowan Atkinson in the Comic Relief Special:
Doctor Who and the Curse of the Fatal Death.

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Tenth Doctor is serious, serious squee. I just gotta say that.

I never saw the original series. Now I've got the first three seasons of the new ones on DVD to watch (once I figure out why I cannot see 'em now). Looking fwd to't. THEN I MUST watch the Rowan Atkinson thingiemabob. (I lurv BlackAdder.)

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