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On the ride into work, Thursday

And now some strange philosophical waxing as prompted by music.

On the way in today I was listening to some of my iPod Music. On the player was Aquarius from the Musical Hair I like this song. Well, i like half this song. It's odd. Aquarius is one of my all-time favourite songs and Let the Sun Shine is one of my least favourites. then again, I feel the almost the same way for We are the Champions (like) and We Will Rock You (apathetic) but at least that example is two separate songs.


My mind started to drift while listening to Aquarius and I thought about flying. Well, first I thought about Auras and people who claim to be able to see them and then the concept of my aura 'growing' because I felt connected to the song. (And for anyone back in the burgh who doesn't get that theory, I'll play some Survivor for you)

So, I started thinking about flying. I love flying, flight, and all things associated with being up. I've contemplated hang gliding since I was a kid, maybe it's time to explore that. When I was in college, the first play I directed was about a young boy who believed that he could fly.

In my dreams...I've always been able to fly. I can almost achieve a conscious state of controlling my dreams and will often fly intentionally. The disturbing part is that in my dreams it comes so naturally. I just do it. There is no technique, there is no thought, there is no mechanism; I simply walk and when I decided to levitate....I do.

So I contemplated if this was akin to touching the spiritual self which is often viewed as angels, which in turn is often viewed as winged people. While driving I imagined two big angelic wings on my back. If you've seen Travolta's movie, "Michael" (about the archangel of the same name) you know what I'm referring to. Note: Highly recommended. Also a friend that channels says that the archangel recommends it as well. PD:DSON (No, I will not explain that :)

So there I am driving in LA traffic, trancing on 60's newage (rhymes with sewage) mentally flapping my invisible wings. Yes, even software engineers can totally dive into fantasy and have periods of flakiness. But this was my flakiness, you can't have it :) So I revelled in it.

mikoy once told me she was contemplating getting a tattoo of wings on her back. (Boy I hope that was info she doesn't mind sharing.) At the time I didn't get it. I think she was interested in 'bat wings' but this was a while ago, and I may be confusing her for someone else or someone else's embellishments.

I've been contemplating a tattoo for some time. It challenges my (Jewish) upbringing. I haven't really found many reasons beyond the one just mentioned. I also haven't found anything compelling enough to mark my body with until I die, or pay for the laser surgery to remove it ;)

The closest I'd come up with was a watcher symbol from Highlander on the inside of my wrist. This is a big no go because:
- It's just too geeky
- Apparently, it's one of the most delicate and dangerous places for a tattoo
- Did I mention...way too geeky

So, still not really sure about the whole tattoo thing, but I still mentally reach back and shift these wings I'm playing with.

A final side note: In my dreams, like I said. There's no effort. I've never really focused on whether or not I'm winged.

And in some future post, a self examination of the psychology over a desire to fly. Freud would be so proud.

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