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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

More of Doctor who... more quiet times

Watching the latest Doctor Who episode.

aiden_freeman is asleep on jnanacandra

And the blogging continues.

I realize this is a really light post. But again.. more later. Will get deeper again.

So... Doctor Who fans...

Who is your favourite Doctor? Favourite Companion? By series?

Tell tell tell!

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Tom Wossname. The guy with the bushy hair and long scarf.

I was given the precise size of a Dr. Who scarf: long enough to trip over when you're trying to escape, but not long enough to be any use when you're escaping.

Did you know that the reason for the over long scarf was because the producers gave a bunch of wool to a knitter and asked her to use it for a scarf for the Dr. She was not told to not use the entire stock of yarn, though...so she used it...They were so charmed by the effect of the excetnrically long scarf that each time there was a new one to make, they repeated the process.

I was also told that the pattern was unclear as to the number of rows for a colour. effectively she made the rows twice as long as they'd planned.

As much as I appreciate Tom Baker and his aloof performance of the Doctor, I really am a bigger fan of the new series. I still mourn Christopher Eccleston's Dr....but to be honest I am a bigger fan of the Rose Tyler/Tennant dynamic. The humane sensitivity with which their relationship was written and the effects on the Dr. after he lost her have really been pleasing to me.

You? Shimmeringjemmy?

I was brought up on Tom Baker...

I was such a Tom Baker fan that I resented Peter Davison. Granted I despised Colin Baker... But in retrospect it was the writing and directing.. not the acting.

But I have to admit I adore the new series. Which will give me something to post today. I will do more of a Doctor Who post later.

Eccleson was great! He nailed the spirit of what Dr. Who was about IMHO. Tom Baker, too.. Can't say which one I liked better :>
Leela was awesome, and I liked K-9.
Billie Piper did put on a good show, and I liked her character's interaction with her mother, that was novel and worked out I thought rather well.

Tenth Doctor and Rose. Heart 10th Doctor. He is squee.

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