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A Blogathon Bribe... because everyone is finding ways to sweeten the pot

After talking with jnanacandra she's agreed to let me make an offer.

jnanacandra has made cards (as in gift cards that you send to someone) of some of her art.

If you sponsor me for Blogathon for an amount of $5 or more, we will send you your choice of one of the following pieces of her art on a card.

The cards are 4.25"x5.5", blank inside, printed on sturdy satin-finish card stock. they come with a mailing envelope.

If you sponsor over $5 you can email me at:
<lordandrei {at} livejournal {dot} com>

Send your choice (or better yet send your choice as the three listed by preference) as well as your mailing address.

If you've already sponsored over $5 you can email me.

Limited to availability while supplies last. One per sponsor.

You can still sponsor me throughout the blogathon at:
Registration required
You can sponsor by the hour or a simple monetary donation.
Thanks to my sponsors so far. We've raised $236.77 for Planned Parenthood

I also recommend the following blogathon bloggers:
shadesong* is raising money for the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center
rhiannonstone is raising money for San Francisco Sex Information

*I am a sponsor of this Blog for Blogathon
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