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When fatigue sets in...

Most of today I have spent on the sofa. This feels incredibly lazy.. but it's the best way to focus on writing. I want to write more of depth and value.. but I think I dread the time limit. Once I've gotten a post out.. I want to walk away (or at least around) for a few to feel less than sedentary.

But by the time I settle down... there's only about 8-12 minutes left to write a post. An interesting conundrum. So I'm going to let this one post a hair on the early side and then start working on the next one immediately. Hopefully it will be worth the read.

Again.. the amusing bit being that most of the people I know locally are all at ritual camping this week. And if they aren't.. they probably aren't typical readers of this journal.

On the downside... either something I ate or something I did has caused my ol' allergic reaction to pop up on me. My left foot is a touch on the swollen side and it's slightly painful to walk. Odd timing.

Family status:
jnanacandra is outside watering the ever, front-porch engulfing, garden that she and elocinnuala started. aiden_freeman is along for the ride.

I am still waiting for a replacement battery for my 17" MacBook Pro from Apple because the old one is.... well expanding. (Wow, this too can happen to you)

And the preheat of the oven for tonight's Turkey Loaf has just finished getting to optimal temperature... So.. when next we meet.. it will be the halfway point.

Bored yet? Me neither.


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