Andrei Freeman (lordandrei) wrote,
Andrei Freeman

Administrivia time: filter time for a big audience

i won't make this one of the official Blogathon posts because it'd be cheating in my opinion. Especially since this way leads to filtered posts that are not world viewable and thus not really blogathon valid.

But.. I have added a whole slew of new journals... So before I make 'other' posts... I wanted to add this note again...

Usually, when I make this post, it means I'm intending to (though as is my nature, likely not to follow up with a) post to one of these filtered groups I have.

Unfortunately if you want to be on these filters you have to do 5 things.

1) Have a livejournal account.

2) Go to my Administrivia posting which describes my filters (at least the ones I want people to know about)

3) Check off the ones you would like to be on. (Or off if you're a bored old timer.)

4) Make a comment to that post that you've made selections. (You don't need to say in the comments which ones you've chosen. Actually for privacy, you probably shouldn't. I can read it in the poll) But commenting tells me to look at the poll for your current list.

5) Important: Don't be disappointed if you don't see anything. Some of the filters are used rarely. Some you won't be put on despite asking. (OTO for example requires me to know that you're an initiate.)

Sounds like a lot.. But it keeps me just that inch further away from insanity.

Thanks! **Waves**
Tags: administrivia, filters, lj, meta

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