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What is God... Um to me... (Part the third)

So, Wendy got herself a crew of ruthless men and brave...

Sorry wrong epic.

This post is dedicated to the massively awesome bioentropy who posted an embed of one of my favourite XTC songs. "Dear God"

What was even more cool than posting such an awesome video for me was the fact that the video posted is subtitled. Which has been a common problem I have with net video.

So... I returned to college. Was given a Cunningham book of spells. Tried a love spell. It failed. And then went on about a 10 year search of what I believed in. I know I've posted this story a few times. Somewhere in there came hedge magick, chaos magick, and ceremonial magick.

Gods and Goddesses of many pantheons floated before me from history, mythology, and again D&D. I know as a kid I had a thing for Athena. (Don't laugh at the irony)

But at core.. I was monotheistic.

But divinity transcended gender. Gender was something that applied to anthropomorphized gods like the bearded man of my youth. And the goddesses were something I could study and appreciate but never truly touch without burying my gender for another.

So divinity to me became absolute perfection of all things.

Someone asked me how I defined God. I responded... Divinity (as I no longer like the term 'God' for divinity) is the single sum total of all things real and imagined that are, were, and ever could be.

Everything else is an aspect of the One Divine. Gods and Goddesses are anthopomorhised perfectives of aspects. Perfect beauty, perfect war, perfect wisdom... So what is "The God" of "The Goddess"?

Well, down south we used to have a God ritual called, "Pandemonium" (I don't know if they still have it)... Each of the local male magickians would choose a God form, "Thoth, Loki, Zeus, Quetzelcotl, etc"... they'd research the hell out of it. Make a costume and then bring that to the ritual.

At the ritual... Each god would take turns introducing "H"imself. He would explain what he held dominion over, what made him a god and how he was merely one god of "The TRUE God"... There was drumming and dancing. lastly our dear elqahar dressed as pan (dressed as? Hell Full on invoking!) would come out and glorify Pan and glorify the one TRUE God. Behind the altar behind the firepit was a curtain. At the height of invocation the curtain was drawn.

The one True God. The one thing that separated the True God from the True Goddess. A giant, golden 6 foot tall, "Oh look what we made"

Three priestesses (typically mother, maiden, and crone) would dance about it annointing it with Oils, and leaving Roses around it.

And pretty much it broke into a big dance party atmosphere after that. With several embarrassing pictures.

Such is my view of The God vs. True Divinity.

Where to go next after that? Ideas? Comments help!

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