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How about some depth...

In some ways I find that I'm fighting off a cynical attitude as I get older. But I think in consideration... it's not really cynicism. I get grumbly based on behaviour and performance that goes against the best course. But I still persevere.

I think inside.. despite my bluster and tendency to rant... I think things will work out in the wash. I think there's still room for faith. Everyday is a day full of unexpected surprises. So despite all the planning and patterns you may see... there's still the chance that someone or something may surprise you.

Step back.. consider the magick and majesty that is life's potential.

Even when you think the guy in charge really just needs to be taken over someone's knee and given a good paddlin' of habeas corpus.

And now I'm hitting that period of tired... Might just have been running the errands.

Next up.. more God postings and if you have any requests for topics, questions, or stuff you'd like me to chat about... leave a comment. Because the comments coming in are definitely what keep me going :)

I also want to make a special shout out to ka3ytl. I have such adoration for her. There are too many reasons to list.. but the one that makes me want to single her out now is the fact that she's been transcribing my phone posts. Please note, that's "posts"... plural. She is all full of the awesome.

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I also recommend shadesong's blogathon entry. She is raising money for the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center
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