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Some notes about the 10:05 extra post

I made a voice post earlier. If anyone is willing to try to transcribe it... It'd be massively appreciated. The auto-transcriber... didn't do too great a job.

I'd do it, but considering the time it'd take and the fact that once I do it, I lock out anyone else from transcribing... it's best that I call for assistance.

The post was about the fact that my nearly 11 month old has discovered pelvic thrusting... To which one of my dearest (and longest termed) friends IMed the following:

FH: Now, say this with me,
FH: "That is something for by yourself."

Me: Is that line about me posting about it, or the line I'm supposed to say to Aiden.

FH: The line you're supposed to say to Aiden
FH: It works with {our daughter}
FH: It slowed her down during the "Hey! That feels good!" phase.

Me: Girls pelvic thrust?

FH: Yep.
FH: It feels good!
FH: Of course they do.

Me: yigh

FH: Why yigh?

Me: The things you just don't expect.

FH: Fortunately, I got a heads up from another mom.
FH: With the wording.
FH: It has worked perfectly.
FH: Otherwise, {she} would still try to do it in public.

Me: Yeah, but I tell him it's for on his own time.. and then I find out I can't get into the bathroom for a week, and his socks start to go missing...

FH: Welcome to parenthood.


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