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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Meta updates and another short inquiry... Facebook

Somehow, I've gotten up to 3 sponsors. Thank you kindly to all of them. One is $2 for each hour I survive. As a result I am nearly at $200 raised for planned parenthood. Which makes me feel kinda fuzzy and happy. Apparently this already puts me in the top quarter of fundraisers for the event.

More over I'm pleased that of the original blogs committed to the process nearly 20% haven't lasted the first 5 hours. I'm not so pleased abut others dropping out.. I'm more pleased that I'm not one of them. This is kinda cool and very much an incentive for me to have better follow-thru.

Before the inquiry, I'd like to take a moment to talk about HELL TOYS

Most of what we buy for aiden_freeman comes from consignment shops. Effectively used toys and clothes. jnanacandra bought a toy for him. It turned out to be a HELL TOY

It is this rolling toy with little balls in it. So it makes a white noise-ish sound when rolled. This is not what makes it a HELL TOY. See, when jarred by a child it plays a digital recording of "The Farmer in the Dell" followed by a childs laugh. It also lights up. That being said.. the jarring sensor is broken. Sometimes it has a hair trigger. And I mean if someone across the room brushes their hair.. it goes off. Other times.... You can place kick it across the room and it doesn't make a sound.

I only bring this up because it is behind the sofa and randomly going off for no reason.



Now for the inquiry. Recently I stumbled (no, really, I don't no how I found the site) upon Facebook. I think it's recently been gobbled up by that acquirer of Web 2.0 Sixapart. (Yes, the same company that convinced brad that it wasn't selling out.)

Anyone else played with this site? Anyone else on it? How did you find it? how do you find it? What do you think of it?

Yes... I am a social networking whore.

And while I don't have your attention.. I'd like to introduce

asphyxi is my blogathon monitor. Her job is to basically report me to blogathon central if I stop posting. (At least that's the impression I get)

Everybody wave ;)

You can still sponsor me throughout the blogathon at:
Registration required

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I've had two (2) friends both send me invites to Facebook in the past week. That way madness lies. While normally I'm a fan of madness, I'm not sure I wanna go there. LJ's my first blogging love. I succumbed to MySpace b'c a few friends only exist there (outside face-to-face and now I live approx 1K miles away). All I do there is now 'n' again (every week or two) check in, read blogs/bulletins, and even less frequently copy 'n' paste an LJ entry as a blog-post of my own. Then I got an invite to Friendster (which I've joined but serves l'il function beyond reminding me of one friend's b-day). I acceeded to another friend's request so have a very small presence on Multiply. Ditto Yahoo360. I'm inclined to lurk elsewhere and perhaps let folks know of my LJ presence if'n they wanna lurk back. This opens up various possibilities and potential concerns though 'bout what to post on my LJ. So far it's been pretty everything - w/vagueness substituting for locked posts when others're concerned - and some locked posts to decrease drama-potential. Cuts're for the TMI-concerned crowd (I'm not a believe in it, myself...info wants to be free and all that jazz, but understand others' squeemishness and'll do a lot to avoid drama/unpleasantness).

I haven't really considered using it for blogging

but I like it as a tool with which to organize everything else that I wish LJ actually did.

Re: I haven't really considered using it for blogging

I'm far too much a Tech Tyro to know 'bout that sorta thing. Keeping in touch's my bag w/all these thingiemabobs.

Her job is to basically report me to blogathon central if I stop posting. (At least that's the impression I get)

Whoa. Hey now. That may be in my list of duties, but I'm also here to answer questions, give reminders, and seek out interesting stuff to highlight for the main page. But, most importantly, cheer you on when the going gets tough. XD

Alrighty. Have to work off the extra adrenaline. I'll be in the laundry room.

I'll be in the laundry room.

Oh hey... I need to do that too :) Thanks for the reminder.

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