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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

What is God? Um.. to me... (Part 1)

I really love the film version of Jeffrey (having not seen the stage show)

Nathan Lane plays a Catholic Priest (which he defines as somewhere between Altar Boy and Florist). He explains where most get their view of "God"

The Broadway artwork for My Fair Lady.

The big bearded man in he cloud pulling Rex Harrison's strings.

I was raised Jewish. So I got the Jew's eye view of God. (I refuse to use the term old testament as I always preferred "Testement of the God of the Jews, the cheap dime store sequel, and the wrap up to the unintended triology penned by that crazy guy") Granted, the Jew's eye view of God is that God is a scary male, like diety with often impossible expectations and a penchant for temper-tantrums. On the upside, he did say that polygamy was not only recommended but was in fact a blessing. Sadly, he was also way to misogynistic for my tastes... but I was a young twice-a-year Jew (We went to synagogue for Yom-Kippur and Rosh-Hashanna and spent the rest of the year looking forward to celebrating Chanukah (official andrei-english spelling) and suffering thru Passover.)

When you're raised a sort of Reformed-Hassidic-Conservadox Jew (our piety was metered by how close the Rabbi lived to us)... you get a rather warped view of your religion.

Next up... My collegiate disagreement with God. Loopholing bartering my soul to the devil. And Why Wiccanism didn't work for me.

All on the trip down amnesia lane of what makes up my current view of God.

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Ooooo, religion. Not that I have any issues against discussions on that topic. Am very much interested in the different religions of the world and how they affect one's view on the world.

I'll sit over *here* and let you post away, maybe chiming in every now and then. :)

And I believe you're the first one on my list to try out voice-posting.

And how many do you have under your watchful eye?

16 active blogs [including yours], and 7 that had to be flagged due to inactivity. *whew*

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