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On the nature of parenthood... AAAAGH

It is difficult to focus on anything for extended periods of time. The boy is pretty much mobile. He will find any item and rip into it. Moments ago I saw him grab a bag of nacho chips that had been on a window sill. He managed to in a period of four seconds pick up the back and shake it.

By the time I was standing and halfway across the room, the bag was inverted and the floor was covered in chips. Everywhere. Of course you look up and the boy has a gleam of pride in his eyes.

It's interesting. Maybe it's because I've changed him at least 400 times (Yes that number is probably an accurate estimation).. but I get surprised when people think that Aiden is a girl. To me.. he's pretty much "all boy."

(stepped away from this post for a moment)

Make that 401. And OMG! I'm so happy we're feeding him 8-{

Thanks to jnanacandra for this picture today

Thanks also to shadesong for pimping my efforts today. 'song is blogging today by providing all new material into the world of Shayara

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