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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Gah... Maybe TV is not the answer for distraction

To keep myself near the computer I may have made an immensely bad choice in using the TV as a distraction. There were just 3 commercials on (7:42)

Each one more offensive than the previous one.

Balls of Fury
Cross "Enter the Dragon" with "Dodgeball". I have honestly no idea. I'm left the question, "Why?" Actually the real question is, "When did Christopher Walken throw in the towel?"

Kia Rondo
There is nothing more personally disturbing than an advertisement for a minivan that uses "Let the Sunshine" as the commercial music. It just sort of makes you feel like... well, you know what it makes you feel like.

I had the wonderful fortune of recently answering on online survey expressing my opinion of eSurance. One of my majors in college was Radio and TV production. Two of my classes were in commercial construction/production. The eSurance campaign has annoyed me from day one.

If you haven't seen these commercials (which is nigh impossible due to their ad budget) you aren't missing much. Well, except for the anime special. Anime Special? That's right. The eSurance campaign is a series of anime-like spy adventures. The first bunch of these that I caught randomly while fast-forwarding on my tivo left me wondering what the new anime was that I was missing.

But what annoys me above anything else about these commercials is the fact that all they really say is that they have the lowest rates.

Now... let's remember the basic rule of caveat-emptor. You get what you pay for.

So.. what are you paying for with insurance? You are paying for the right and expediency to get money back in times of loss.

in a world of claim denials and adjusters who are really not looking out for your best interest... Do you really want to pay for a company who's offering the lowest cost as a throw away line in a commercial meant to make you think it's just a flashy cartoon.

Amusingly the survey asked, "Is eSurance a company you feel you can trust?"

I was pleased to have the chance to tell people at eSurance how I felt about their campaign.

This hell was concluded by flipping to MadTV and seeing a routine pop on with Stuart.

The TV doesn't like me.

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Only one small point: Insurance isn't paying for a right for anything. It's a bet. "I'll bet Mutant of Omaha $50.00 a month that I will trash my car. Mutant bets me $10,000 flat that I won't." Then when one side wants the other to pay up on the bet (usually the insco) the loser wants to quibble about the terms of the bet. ("You didn't trash the car, you crunched it, ergo therefore I don't have to pay.") And at that point, your statement about claims adjusters who don't want to pay is 100% valid.


I don't watch much TV at all, so haven't seen any eSurance ads...only now for some sick reason I want to watch 'em all back to back. And my first thought when I read "Balls o' Fury" was p0rn.

That Kia Rondo commercial...let's just say I want to find the nearest Kia dealership and slash all the tires on all the inventory :D

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