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Damning my brain...

I actually like the idea of disciplining myself to typing today. Many times I've told myself.. that if I had time... I'd write some of my inner thoughts. The strange way that I perceive things and take them apart.

Seeing the big patterns and the complexities of society with a simple framing view.

And yet.. at 7:15 I find my intelligence scanning Wikipedia's entry on MadTV for the name of the cast member I absolutely despised.

I'm still not sure I've been able to find it, even after looking at the complete cast list

Though after consulting the list of MadTV characters.. I've found my bane. "Comedian" Michael McDonald played a character called Stuart. I'm really not going to elabourate on this character beyond the fact that it was the one thing that spoiled an otherwise enjoying sketch comedy show for me.

So there you have it.. The depths of my complex views on the world... Or at least that which I damn my mind for distracting me from the complexities of my thoughts.

And I should put in the obligatory report since the topic had yet to emerge.
jnanacandra and aiden_freeman are both still asleep. Shortly I will plug in the cell phone since I sense that some of my posts today will be audio based as I wrestle and wrangle the child.

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