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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Good morning, starshine... the Earth says hello

Good morning, Mr. And Mrs. America and all the ships at Sea.

the local time is current 5:52 am as I write this. I went to bed mildle later than I typically do during the week. So instead of naturally waking at 4am I kind of stumbled hrough my snooze bar at 5, 5:09, and 5:18

It is Blogathon day. I will be writing the posts up until about 2 until the half h\our and hitting submit to try to get them online as close to the half hour as I can.

One amusing note... there are pretty much no people I sociallize with locally who will read any of my posts today.

Between the OTO having a campout and OLO hosting Fires of Lughnasadh many of my local readers are away.

So I expect record low comments and record high self involvement..

Edit: You can still sponsor me throughout the blogathon at:
Registration required

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Land grab is today, so my LJ will look similar :-)

I went to Faerieworlds last weekend. Since Aiden is s small we didn't camp. But everyone we knew who travelled down did. Seeing the camp site, seeing the tents... after 15 yrs of SCA and Pennsic... The little voices in my head began plotting for next year.

Well, my household is talking about camping together with the BMDL next year, and your family would be welcome to camp with us. Honestly, there are several people who would be actively happy to see you (such as Ben and Krista whose son Otto is about 4 months old). There is a vanishingly small percentage of people who would be unhappy to see you there, and none of them camp anywhere near the BMDL, IIRC.

I know I want to come out and see you and other people that'd like to see me.

I'm not sure if I'll ever be up to returning to Pennsic. Just because some folk don't camp with BMDL, doesn't mean... there aren't people I don't want to run into at the event.

Oh, to live close enough to go to Faerieworlds! I used to live in Oakridge, forty miles up the Willamette from Eugene. Where exactly did they have it?


5 1/2 hours driving without the stops along the way :)

It was held at Secret SomethingErOther Vineyards just East of Veneta.. Which is about 15 miles east of Eugene.

Very nice site.

If we drove, it would be at least two days.

Looks like (*looks it up*) Secret House Winery. Just past Fern Ridge Reservoir. Drove by it every time we went to the coast. We used to sail on Fern Ridge.


How do we sponsor you for charity again?

I put the link in the main post. It is:

Registration (free) on the Blogathon site is required. Sponsorship is as you will.

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