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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

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8.5 months

Highlight of the evening

We are trying to begin boxing the condo for the eventual move to the yet to be discovered house.

aiden_freeman managed to get into a box yesterday. On top of the box was some medication I have. Inside the box was most of our CD collection.

At first I didn't really pay attention to him putting his hand into the box and pulling out CDs. It was amusing because he found one blue jewel box he liked. He accidentally dropped it back in and then rummaged for it. He actively was trying to sort thru the CDs to find the jewel box he'd dropped.

After a while he wandered over to jnanacandra with the loot he'd found. In one hand... A copy of "Dark Side of the Moon." In the other... the pill tube.

Floyd and Pills. Gotta start 'em early I guess :-0

Now had it been Dark Side and a copy of "Wizard of Oz"... then I'd really be scared.

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To steal from another friend with a wee one: It's AidenTV. Better than any reality show in the world.


I just watched the Dark Size of Oz on YouTube for the 1st time ever recently (having neither the patience nor aptitude to line 'em up myself). Holy Moly!

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