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Yeah, really I'm insane... Blogathon

In years past I've thought of doing this.

Knowing how inadequate my follow-thru is...

I'm going to attempt to make it thru Blogathon this year.

I've chosen Planned Parenthood to be the charity I am running for.

(I don't expect a lot of sponsorship)

The idea of Blogathon is that starting this Saturday (at 6am) I will make a post at least once every 30 minutes for 24 hours.

If I actually make it to Fire of Lunasagh that will be amusing.

If you want to sponsor me in this... go to:

For more information, see the blogathon FAQ

EDIT1: If you wish to sponsor you'll need to create a Blogathon acct
EDIT2: I have been reminded by family members and friends via IM that I am not 18 anymore and to REALLLY consider if staying up saturday night will kill me :)
EDIT3: Because I can't read... It starts at 6am not 6pm

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(Deleted comment)
You need to create an acct to sponsor

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