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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

I think it's official....

After doing a 'touch' of cleaning in the car and the apartment. I left the house at 5:15am. I got to the office at 6am. Went straight to the gym. Actually, I got to the gym at 5:55 and had to wait. I did 4 1/3 miles on the bike, some really killer ab crunches, and some flying lifts.

A nice warm (unlike my home) men's locker room shower shudder

the Gym facility at the MGM plaza in Santa Monica is nice. We have a lot of nautulas (sp!?!?) equipment, a bunch of medicine balls, a stretching area, several free weights, dumbells, and barbells. Also several stair/bike/treadmills. There is an aerobics room where they teach everything from Yoga to ballroom dance.

The Locker room is actually quite nice (granted I don't have much to compare it to...)

There is also a 4 lane olympic length lap pool.

So, I'm officially on BFL now. For the record...Today 200# :-p
I was at 197 last week, but that may have been my friend's scale, think I've been bad on food. But now I'm exercising to. Heavy on the abs and back. :-D

So any rooting and support on diet and exercise is warmly welcomed!!!!

I will have trimmer body by the magickal 20th of June!!!!!

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Good for you! I know the feeling, trying to do the same myself.

Pick a scale and use only that scale for reference. I go to my allergist's every two weeks, so I use that scale and it has been very useful. I don't get huge swings, I have to see the long view.

Good luck.. my friends and I are back up doing the "lent" thing. This is what we call giving up junk food all together (including all snack food) and excercising at least 3-4 times a week and eating less. We each dedicated it to a goddess This helped us each lose up to 20 pounds each when we did this. So we're doing it again for a month. Seems like a good plan. So you got my rah rah as a cheerleader egging yah on. Keep it up bro *hugs*

Yay! Go you. ef2p went back to the gym yesterday after waaay too long of a hiatus. To give you an idea, our memberships had expired on May 8, and you pay by the month.

It's amazing how good I feel after a workout. That's the only thing that got me to go yesterday, but I'm glad I went. By the time I left work, I wanted to go home and sleep, but went and moved around instead.

I need to start keeping track of that scary number myself. Ick.

and by the way, if you are working the weights, expect to lose less weight than you think...dont concentrate on the weight, concentrate on the look you want! Tho it is important to keep tabs on the weight, its not what really matters most of the time. I went from 235 with almost all fat to 187 in no fat and no muscle. Worked myself back up to 197 at one point of lean muscle. Im 207 right now with about 8 lbs of fat i want gone. If you want some tips on good abwork...let me know...i actually had a vicious 6-pack at age 28...before i traded it in for the Bass Ale 12 pack ;-)

having a regular workout program is known to beat deppresion...it worked wonders for me...and add the self esteem of looking better every week...and you'll feel REAL good later on. :-)

Awesome, babe... proud of you. *hugs*

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