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I think it's official....

After doing a 'touch' of cleaning in the car and the apartment. I left the house at 5:15am. I got to the office at 6am. Went straight to the gym. Actually, I got to the gym at 5:55 and had to wait. I did 4 1/3 miles on the bike, some really killer ab crunches, and some flying lifts.

A nice warm (unlike my home) men's locker room shower shudder

the Gym facility at the MGM plaza in Santa Monica is nice. We have a lot of nautulas (sp!?!?) equipment, a bunch of medicine balls, a stretching area, several free weights, dumbells, and barbells. Also several stair/bike/treadmills. There is an aerobics room where they teach everything from Yoga to ballroom dance.

The Locker room is actually quite nice (granted I don't have much to compare it to...)

There is also a 4 lane olympic length lap pool.

So, I'm officially on BFL now. For the record...Today 200# :-p
I was at 197 last week, but that may have been my friend's scale, think I've been bad on food. But now I'm exercising to. Heavy on the abs and back. :-D

So any rooting and support on diet and exercise is warmly welcomed!!!!

I will have trimmer body by the magickal 20th of June!!!!!

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