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Andrei in the office


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Oooh, dear. That's not right

Important Parenting Notes: The Phone

So, the telephone we have is a remote receiver.

I saw aiden_freeman pull it off the table just now. It makes beeping sounds when you press buttons.

I figured... Okay... Might as well pull it away before he...

I look at it..

0113448.. Oh good he was on his way to dialing Pamplona, Spain.

Knew he was gonna be a risk taker.

And they say your kids run up your phone bill

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When I worked for an answering service, we used to get several calls a week from little kids who didn't know what they were doing.

"Can you put your mom on the phone?"


"Yes, hi. Can you put your mom on the phone, please?"

"Hi ha ha gurgle goo."


Heavy breathing

"Can you...can you...put your mom...your MOM on the PHONE please?"

Beep beep boop bop boop

Sigh. Click

Occasionally the kid would be old enough to understand, and we'd get mom, and she'd be all embarrassed and surprised. Embarrassed, I could understand, but surprised? You let your kid play with/reach your phone! :D It was amusing.

(Deleted comment)
Ha! No, I hadn't seen that, but I'm not surprised. I bet it happens more often than we think.

man, that kid is clever. took me ages to work out how the international phone codes worked :P He is destined to be an International Man of Mystery!

Maybe he wanted to find out if any bulls had "won" during the Fiesta of San Fermin el encierro :)

Perhaps he will grow up to be a polyglot?

He must have been rushing to try to get there before it's too late, only one more day left for San Fermin this year.

I can hear it now:

Pamplona: "Bueno."
Aiden: Aaaaahhhhh ttththhhppppptttt
Pamplona: "Que? Sabe Ud. que hora es?"
Aiden: ba ma ba da ba...
Pamplona: _click_

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