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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

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Andrei in the office

Voice Post: July 4th, morning voice post, and Gismo

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“Good morning, happy "Tory Subdigation Day." It is July the 4th, 2007. I'm sitting here in bed with one 'Captain' Aiden who is sitting rather doscilly on this morning, understanding the fact that he's 10 months & a day... Yay, Aiden
...and I'm posting via audio with a program called "GISMO. GISMO seems to be the ultimate conversion in IM, skype, cell phone, and all that on the net. Really kind of nifty so we're going to see how this post comes out. And if any of you are using GISMO go ahead & drop a comment so I can try GISMO-ing you. Oh, that just sounds so wrong.”

Transcribed by: lordandrei

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hm. why can't i revise the transcription?



After the original poster has transcribed the post, no other transcriptions are allowed.

I just looked it up because I wanted to make the same spelling corrections. :-)

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