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Andrei in the office


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8.5 months

Flash: PANIC!!!!

aiden_freeman has just successfully (with monitoring against falling) climbed the stairs from the 2nd to third story. Pretty much entirely by himself.

He had some difficulty with the first half and getting to the first landing. Then tackling the second half he was fast, efficient, and determined.

The boy can climb steps.

We haven't quite figured out down yet. So... now the second baby gate has gone up.


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speaking of cute icons... is that from zelda, perchance?

Stole it from a friend, but I believe so.

Heather snapped it this morning. Little did we know what he had in store for us today.

He's got a slightly devious "How am I gonna scare mommy and dada today?" look on his face. Or maybe he's just laughing because he heard a funny joke that only he understands.

How exciting.

Way to climb, boy!!

Haha! Thus begins his mobility in three dimensions. You watch, soon he'll be levitating too. (With those parents, I wouldn't put such magical powers past him....)

Having just watched 'Jack Jack attack'

I wouldn't put it past him to go thru walls either.

Re: Having just watched 'Jack Jack attack'

*laser eyes*


I think our little guys will be great playmates in another 9 months or so.....

Re: Having just watched 'Jack Jack attack'

Hi, this is Kari, sorry for freakin' out but your baby has special needs



Now...how long until he masters levitation?

Oh, drat...beaten to the punchline. That'll teach me to post without reading the other Replies of Snarkiness first.

Woo! My solution: starting now, as often as you can, put him on the lowest couple stairs, belly down, feet down, and encourage him to go down. He'll pick it up fast and learn that's a "safe" way of going down, which, even if he falls, won't do as much damage.

Your solution: whatever you want, of course. :)

Practice climbing up and down steps is actually really good for motor skills development. I've seen several articles that recommend putting the baby gate at the level of the third step or so with a pile of pillows at the bottom and letting them have at it.

Yikes! Babyyyyyy! Eek!

(Sorry, me, incoherent.)

Hey congrats with the baby climb! I remember when Alex did that the first time...when I wasn't looking. I wasn't sure if I should be happy or afraid. (He didn't get that far per se, but when I caught up to him he was already partially up, I decided it was best not to scare him and just let him proceed).

Welcome to not being able to take your eyes off him because you never know where they'll end up! :)

How did my eyes end up over there?!?!?!

The baby got a hold on them. Don't worry, he'll drool on them to keep them from drying out.

Ah, welcome to the world of parenting, Andrei. By the way, he is cute.

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