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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Heroes conjecture...

Many people have raised an issue with the finale of Heroes...

I will put this under an LJ Cut to spare those who haven't seen or don't care:

Why didn't Peter just fly off?

I think Peter was primarily using all his focus to hold what control he was loosing over Ted's ability.

I think had he taken the time to concentrate on flying as well as holding down Ted's ability he would have entirely lost it.

I think the explosion going off in NY as originally seen might have been Peter trying to fly away when Nathan wrote him off.

Many of the exploding man pictures seem to show him slightly levitated if memory serves.

Nathan provides the flying, then Peter can spend more time slowing the loss of control.

My $0.02

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Has Peter ever used two powers at the same time? I haven't seen all the episodes yet (but I have seen the finale), so I don't know. But it seems to me that if the nuke-power was manifesting itself, and he could only use one power at a time, that would be a nice, pat explanation for why he didn't fly off on his own.

That's plausible. What I want to know is, why didn't every electronic circuit on the eastern seaboard fry from the EMP?

I'm thinking both Peter and Nathan are alive -- that Peter survived the blast (known to be possible thanks to the episode "2012") and Nathan hurled him into space rather than letting himself get nuked (less likely but plausible).

God I'm a geek.

was, "What happened to them?", leaving it open for a sequel, eh?

Two points:

1. I agree with the 'two powers at once' but moreso I'll note that he's often shown having to think hard before he uses a power he's not used to. Invisibility became second nature. Repair was involuntary. Hearing thoughts was never intentional or focused, it just slipped in (like it did with Matt before he mastered it). In order to fly, he'd have to focus hard on it for a few seconds...plenty of time to go boom.

2. The paintings were bogus. In that, everyone put way too much stock in them. They were the future -as it stood at that moment-. Nathan in office, Peter exploding...at that point, that's what was going to happen. But that was changed. The future isn't written in stone. Everyone, Linderman included, who thought the paintings were how things would be, period, end of story...well, most of those folks are dead now, so that way of thinking didn't do them much good.

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Very impressive speculations! Definitely gets me thinking.

I REALLY hope Charles has a power involving being able to exist after death. I really like his character a lot. Maybe he has an ability like the little boy who visits dreams. Hmm... don't know.

Also, I completely agree about the Keito being Kensei theory. I really thought the face behind the mask was WAYYY too Sulu.

The good news is, all of these speculations and cliffhangers mean lots of good episodes to come!

Whatever happened to the girl who could send email with her brain? Caught in a spam filter somewhere? I Can't seem to say this enough lately... if you love Heroes... check out the online comic at NBC.. it explains lots taht might be missed in the actual show.

This prompted another post

I have made several responses all summarized in a new post

That's exactly what I was thinking. He was too unstable to do anything but focus on calming down.

Yay for Heroes online!

Now that I've seen the show...the thing that gets me most (and makes me happy that they found a more subtle way of continuing the show - though the end was NOT subtle at all and that just peeved me) is WHO is worse than Sylar? WHO is the person that Molly is scared of, who will see her if she THINKS about him? We've got a bigger bad than Sylar coming up, methinks.

Re: Yay for Heroes online!

I think Sylar is interesting because in a way he sees himself as doing a service.

The moral ambiguity is the manner in which he carries out this service.

One can always find deeper and more challenging moral ambiguities. The scariest creatures are the ones that we transcend understanding.

Re: Yay for Heroes online!

I do like Sylar's character, don't get me wrong. I just don't like that they had to hit you over the head with "we are continuing this cuz, look!, Sylar disappeared." I thought the passing mention of someone more dangerous than Sylar was more than enough.

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